Our agronomy staff has the experience needed to assist you in creating a planting program that is suited for each of your field. We are experts at positioning the correct seed given your field conditions. We are here to help you with seed selection and planting programs.

We offer seed from the following companies:

Contact your Agronomy team to place an order or find out how we may serve you.

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Our down-to-earth seed dealers at Mid-County Agronomy bring you more than 100 years of agronomy experience.

If you want a superior crop, you need the best seed for your field. Mid-County Agronomy carries seed from the top suppliers, including Producers Hybrids, Stine, Croplan Genetics and NK.

Get Growing with our seeds
Give your seeds a great growing environment with our full line of soil improving products. Micronutrients, quick lime, Ag Lime, anhydrous ammonia and assorted fertilizers can correct imbalances in your soil. Consult a Mid-County agronomy expert to see which product is right for your farm.

Expert Ag Application
When your crop needs added protection, call Mid-County Agronomy. We offer variable-rate and standard application of anhydrous ammonia, ag lime and dry fertilizer. Ariel and ground herbicide, fungicide and insecticide applications are also available.

Crop Consultants
You work hard getting ready for a harvest. Let Mid-County’s crop consultants protect and maximize your crop yields. We provide grid or soil-type sampling, variable-rate fertilizer spreading and yield mapping. Our consultants can also give you information on hybrid selection, herbicide and fungicide usage and new farming techniques.

Sow the right seeds
Whether you hope for a crop of corn, soybeans, alfalfa, forage sorghum, grain sorghum, canola, cotton, wheat or sunflowers, Mid-County can get your field growing.

Reap the benefits
Maximize your profits with hybrid seeds that are perfect for your location. With genetically-enhanced seeds, you can plant potato leafhopper (PLH) resistant alfalfa, SCN-resistant soybeans, Bt corn and more.

Planting Progress
Our goal at Mid-County Agronomy is to develop sound approaches to the specific needs of your agricultural operation. We focus on making your production goals a reality, while staying within your budget. With our convenient Cologne location, we are proud to be a seed dealer offering superior seed sales to farmers in Carver, Wright and McLeod counties and surrounding cities in the west metro.